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My Wellness Hub
Cassie Da'Luz Vieira

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About Us

We created My Wellness Hub because of our passion to help people, connect with others, and hear their stories and experiences. We started as a small in-person support group and quickly moved our space online, and started a podcast to connect with more wonderful people like you!

We are extremely proud to be #1 Best Selling Authors with our series: The Wellness Book Series available on Amazon, as well as Aerie's 2020 Changemakers, and founders of the Nonprofit Organization: Spoonies Unite. 

Why You Should Join Us

My Wellness Hub is multi-faceted community. We want you to be yourself, whether that's to celebrate a win (YAY) or to whine away on our Whining Wednesday, which is a judgement-free and advice-free space! Just a space to vent and get things off your chest.

We're also passionate about encouraging, supporting, and guiding others to live the lives they've dreamed of. Which is why our community is special, you can meet others who want more out of life, and are ready to pursue it, people who want to make a change, and live with more joy, passion and happiness... just like you! 

While we are by no means a 'good vibes only' community, we will encourage you and help you to process through the difficult times, so you can leave that baggage in the past, shift your mindset, and elevate to your next level self. 

At My Wellness Hub, we're here to help you get through the daily struggles, to shed the ick, and step into the sunshine and fresh air, and feel and experience all the wonderfulness the world has to offer!

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to all our members, we truly are so grateful for you, and YOU are why we do what we do! 

A special thank you to all our supporters, whether you listen to our podcast or read our books, or just hang out on our social media, we appreciate you bunches too!